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We proudly present Gravitas Hospitality as the new parent company of Canberra’s multi-award-winning Daana Restaurant and Catering, which has been serving Canberra since 2015. We are delighted to announce our latest venture, The Abbey by Daana, an iconic venue at Canberra’s Goldcreek Village in Nicholls.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Experience Gravitas in the grandeur of this iconic venue
Delightfully Different Catering in Canberra
Our flagship business from September 2015 to September 2023

The Best in the Business

Our Chef D’inspiration


Sunita’s family hails from Kerala, a South Indian state. Her childhood passion for cooking developed in her parents and grandmother’s kitchens, inspiring her to train professionally in India to become a qualified chef. Daana offers a range of dishes inspired by many of Sunita’s home recipes. She is delighted to share those heirloom recipes with the guests, so ask for them.

Our Chef De Flavour


Sanjay is from Delhi, and his grandfather was a renowned culinary specialist famous for his acumen in wedding and festival catering. Sanjay followed in his grandfather’s footsteps and chose his career as a chef. Following his academic training, Sanjay joined India’s leading hospitality group Taj Hotels as a chef. Chef Sanjay received the prestigious RCA ACT Chef of the Year award in 2020.


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